A Vegetarian couple in Spain

Spanish MatadorSpanish Matador

Spain is a wine country. It’s an olive country too!

We were planning to go to Spain ever since we came back from our Italy trip in 2015. We wanted to visit Europe again! The plan was to visit Spain in the summer but our Spanish friend told me that it would be really hot in most places of Andalusia during that time of the year. Since most places we wanted to see were in the south we took her advice and planned our trip in fall. We had to skip our Australia trip! We had to cancel our flight tickets for Australia which we got it for almost half of the usual price (we will talk about getting good flights in a different post). But Spain was totally worth it.

Most cities in Spain reminded us of cities in India, congested, lively and colorful! People are really friendly but many people speak only one language – Spanish so make sure you brush up your Spanish skills! Here are some Spanish equivalent of English phrases (), our Spanish friend wrote down a few phrases on a piece of paper for us so that we wouldn’t have trouble ordering vegetarian food. We added few more phrases that we found on the internet and basically used this as our cheat sheet since we don’t speak Spanish fluently.

Spain is famous for its wine, people, olives, bull fighting and food.

Especially their ham! Being vegetarians and having some specific dietary restrictions we were a bit worried about what we would get to eat there, so we planned to pack some snacks and food with us. Then we did our research looking for places to eat while planning our day itinerary. We were surprised that there were a lot of vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in most of the big cities we visited.

In this trip we ate some really amazing food, our favorite one was at a restaurant in Mallorca called Bella Verde. We sat under a fig tree and had our lunch, the owner even let us have fresh figs off the tree! Truly delicious, words can’t do justice to the food we ate!!! A lot of Spaniards enjoy a healthy vegetarian meal.

We love going to the local markets, shops and checking out their local produce and a variety of things. We like to grab some hearty snacks, fresh fruits and water from the local store before we hit the road.

Look out for our next blog posts, we will talk about each city we visited in Spain, what to do and what to eat if you are a vegetarian like us.

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