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I held my first camera when I was 6. My mom bought a traditional Point and shoot Yashica camera, popular in the 80’s to capture our little big moments. I was always spotted fiddling with it. My brother had more childhood photographs than me because I loved being behind the camera and creating memories!

Growing up in India I couldn’t travel much since I constantly had to study for some test (God we had to give so many tests in Indian schools). Although my Dad was a businessman who loved traveling, I and my brother didn’t get to travel much with him! My Mom didn’t want us to miss school or get bad grades. I didnโ€™t take my first flight overseas until I was 20 and that is when I landed on the “Land of Opportunities”.

I have traveled to most places in the US but I never crossed the borders. It was only when I met this girl in India I realized that we both have a strong affinity towards traveling and went on our first trip to Europe! And ever since then we always look for an opportunity to get on a plane to cross oceans! Maybe one day we will visit Mars!๐Ÿ˜‰

I even started taking pilot lessons, my only hope is that one day I get to fly my own plane to see places ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


I was born and brought up in India. Both my parents work in a banking firm, where they get the perks of traveling all over India and even abroad at times. Since I studied in a missionary school we get months of vacation, so my parents made it a point to visit some part of the country every year. I am also a classical dancer, so, fortunately, I traveled all over India for my dance performances. Hence, I am accustomed to traveling. So far I have seen most of the southern, central and northern parts of India.

I got my passport when I was 14 but it was only after 6 years that I went on my first abroad trip, which was a family vacation to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. It was after the trip I realized that I am a wanderer by heart and a new stamp in the passport excites me. I love exploring new stuff, it may be food, traveling, fashion or anything. I hate monotony, it bores me. Oh yes!! Every life needs sugar and spice sometimes. I feel that one should expand their boundaries and set back their fears to live a life of their dreams. Our experiments are always experiences and stories for others ๐Ÿ˜›

For me traveling is education, I love learning about the culture and experiencing the lifestyle of people from various parts of the world. Trying and tasting the local favs and traditional dishes always top my list and mind you! My bucket list never ends. ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€

Who are we??

Anvi & Subbu in Seville

Anvi & Subbu in Seville

We are a married couple who stay in Chicago. Every now and then we end up ourselves in deep seas, valleys, mountains, busy streets, deserts, castles, lonely alleys etc. We love exploring the possible and impossible by getting our feet dirty. Our travel style is unique. We never target to see only the famous landmarks or places in a country. Our focus is to enjoy the culture of the place and wander around the local streets. We looovee road trips as they always lead us to a somewhere in nowhere. For us going off the beat, talking to locals, listening to their experiences and having food with them are the things that make us happy.

We are fortunate to share our experiences in the form of a blog. We have been traveling for a while, and it was after a yearโ€™s travel that we decided to pen down our tales. This blog contains all the details from itineraries to food picks. But it is more than just travel.

Even though we stay in the States, we travel with our Indian passports which of course needs a visa for most of the countries. So all our trips need planning in advance. We always go through the pain of doing paperwork every single time. We also post our tips for Visa process and paperwork which makes things easy for globe trotters like us.